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2021 Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar - Metallic KO

2021 Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar - Metallic KO

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Johnny Marr has been a stalwart of the UK music scene for over 30 years. Thrown into the limelight in the mid-'80s through his work with indie rockers The Smiths, Marr has since been involved in a number of high-profile musical projects and has even embarked on his own solo venture.


Fender and Marr have collaborated on this stunning signature instrument, and this example is in excellent condition with just a couple of blemishes (as pictured). The back of the neck/headstock is starting to age beautifully (some lovely lacquer checking visible if looking extremely closely and bouncing light off the surface - but barely visible to be honest and certainly not felt when playing).


It features an Alder/Maple, with a Maple neck to gives this instrument a definitive snap and plenty of upper mid-range clarity. With a neck profile that faithfully follows the shape of Marr's favourite '65 Jag neck, the Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar has an extremely comfortable "played in" feel. Adorned with a smooth Rosewood fingerboard that introduces some warm lower mid-range, the neck is also fitted with vintage-style frets for traditional Fender playability.


The US-made Johnny Marr Jaguar is fairly unique within the Fender catalogue as it features aftermarket pickups from premium UK brand Bare Knuckle. Custom-wound to Johnny's tonal tastes, these sparkly-sounding single-coils have plenty of dynamic range and chime to sound beautiful with clean amp settings. Throw in some overdrive, and these medium-output pickups can really sing too!


Johnny explains the customised control layout on his signature Fender Jaguar: "I replaced the original three switch design with a single four-way Telecaster style switchblade. The first three positions are standard, bridge, both on and neck pickup selections, but when pushed forward into the fourth position it puts the two pickups in series where they act as one big humbucker, giving a darker, thicker sound that you don't normally hear on a Jaguar. To give that circuit more possibilities I added a filter switch to the top panel that gives it more high end. By contrast, I always liked the high-pass filter switch from the original Jag design and repositioned it on the upper control panel where the 'jazz circuit' switch is normally found. We also lowered the height of these switches so they are less likely to be activated by accident."


It comes with its original case, paperwork and candy as pictured.


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